Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green SCOR

SCOR has over the years becme one of the most popular models for Supply Chain management. The version 9.0 of SCOR incorporates the features of Green SCOR which helps organizations to keep a tab on how much green is their Supply Chain. It includes collaboration best practices, reducing fuel and energy consumptions in Supply Chain processes and various other aspects of a Green Supply Chain. Additionaly it tries to cover risk management aspects of the supply chain.

Developing world and Sustainability

In the developing world sustainablity is still a buzz word. When the daily quest is about survival and existence, the word sustainability still doesn’t mean much to you. One cannot blaim them for their short term views as for them it is a question of making their present secured. A more meaningful way to approach the problem of sustainability would be to have an inclusive approach.

Sustaining – Sustainability – ITC Way

If an organization tries to go on the sustainability path for charity it is difcult to sustain over a period of time. One of the most sensible way to maintain the momentum of sustainability within the organization is to integrate sustainability with your organization growth and profitability. ITC has done it quite sucessfully. ITC which manufactures papers and matchboxes has been trying to encourage plantation which then feeds to the factories. Even the agribusiness of ITC has been trying to help the farmers with sustainable and green farming technologies. May be the other corporate houses should take a note of such prudent approach on the sustainability path.

Carbon Tariffs- The Wrong or the Right way

Somebody somewhere has to get punished for not doing enough for making world a right place to live in. Governments around the world are seriously contemplating of implementing carbon tariffs. This will help them to penalize other countries or organizations who are not taking enough initiatives for a greener world. On the other hand the debate goes on: is the developed world being too harsh on the developing world. Having enjoyed the fruits of progress are they trying to be a moral police for the develoiing world?