Friday, August 27, 2010

Abstract - Green Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage Enabler
in the FMCG Sector

Advent of liberalization, privatization and entry of global players in the Indian economy over the past decade has taken the FMCG sector’s industry rivalry to its peak. FMCG industry leaders fiercely square up through their products, communication & advertising, innovation and R&D investments to attain greater competitive advantage than their arch rivals.

While the forces of competition and rivalry often take precedence, there are other more impactful forces pertaining to protecting our environment that are gaining prominence especially now in the Indian scenario. Organizations are taking steps to become environment friendly and going green within the boundaries of their business objectives. Initiatives to minimize carbon footprint across the supply chain, is even more significant, where pricing is extremely competitive and the shelf price increases further in certain countries which impose additional taxes for large carbon footprint.

For the FMCG industry where supply chain is a key driver for attaining competitive advantage, this paper discusses key aspects of greening the supply chain including best practices, approach to going green which strikes balance between social goals and business goals and case studies highlighting some of the initiatives taken up by leading FMCG companies.


The full paper is part of the proceedings of the Business Process Council's World Conference 2010 authored by Subhajit Mazumder and Anand Chatterjee.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Barack Obama holidaying in Florida, has also been putting up a brave face trying to convince that the Gulf coast is now safe for people to visit

It’s been a month since the Gulf oil spill has been capped by British Petroleum. Much to the sigh of relief of the environmentalists and the people around the globe. Obama has also been putting up a brave face trying to convince that the Gulf coast is now safe for people to visit and has retained much of its natural beauty. British Petroleum has also been able to stabilize its shares and stop its steady decline. Obama administration has been able to make British Petroleum pay through its nose and it will be a lesson hard learnt for them that there is no short cut to managing risks and building up on corporate image.

Mahindra selected the preferred in Ssyangyong buyout, Reva will help them to make Green Cars

Mahindra is riding high after being selected the preferred partner for Ssyangyong bid. This will enable them to tighten their grip in the SUV space. Earlier Mahindra had entered into a tie up with Reva for their entry into the electric car space. The SUV space is perceived to be dying with the fuel guzzling machines and hence Mahindra thought that their tie up with Reva would give them an edge to project themselves as manufacturer of green cars. It will take time for the markets to evaluate how these ventures have helped Mahindra in the long run.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wipro has been judged as the Top Green IT firm

Wipro with a score of 7.5 out of 10 bags the top position as the most Green IT firm. Tis is according to a survey done my Greenpeace "Gude to Greener Electronics". Wipro shares the position with Nokia. Rajesh Nag, general manager (Business Operations), Wipro Infotech (Systems and Technology), says, “Wipro takes pride in being a responsible IT organisation and actively participating in the green journey. The core mission of Wipro green computing is to work towards clean and sustainable IT products and solutions, which help customers achieve high productivity in energy, space and asset management through the lifecycle” .

Monday, August 9, 2010


A 18 year old female suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis,on regular ATD since last 2 months, suddenly noticed a small fluctuant swelling over lower part of the sternum which ruptured in a few days and a persistent sinus tract was created. She was initially treated with antibiotics along with ATD but there was no response and the sinus tract persisted along with drainage.She was then given INH powder for local application over the wound along with oral ATD and within 7 days time the wound healed completely.INH at adose of 300mg was applied for 15 days in total.There was no recurrence till 2 months of follow up.

Green and Sustainable Corporate Strategy and initiatives. What is making organizations to think green?

There are various reasons which are making organizations look towards green and sustainable initiatives. These factors can broadly be divided into two categories. The first one is more from the government regulations and risks perspective and the second one is more internal to the organization. They have been summarized as below:

  1. Government – Regulations / Risks
  2. Corporate Objective
  • Improve image - Responsible Organization
  • Cost Impact – Use efficient technology
  • Revenue Impact – Green Branding / Marketing