Monday, November 29, 2010

US warns Britain, India over new WikiLeaks revelat

US has warned india and other key governments across the world about a new potentially embarrancing release of classified documents by the whistle-blowing website wikileaks which may harm the american intersets and create tensions in its ties with its friends.We have reached out to inidia to warn them about a possible release of documents, state department spokesman P J Crowley said. We do not nkow precisely what Wikileaks has or what it plans to di. we have made our position clear. These documents sould not be released.India is not the only country the U.S. has alerted. The documents, which will go live on the Internet beginning in the next 24 to 48 hours, consist of cables sent by American embassies around the world — especially in India, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Canada and Britain — to the State Department in Washington. Since such cables are meant to be confidential, it is a standard practice for the diplomats writing them to be candid and blunt in their assessments and sometimes even disrespectful to officials and leaders in their host countries. It is this aspect of the forthcoming leak which is particularly worrying U.S. diplomats. Some cables could also contain information about surreptitious activity by U.S. missions.It is not clear what time period the cables cover but previous WikiLeaks disclosures tended to range over the past five or six years

. This is a period when the U.S. and India were locked in detailed and sometimes testy negotiations over nuclear commerce and defence cooperation.The documents, said to be over seven times more than the recently leaked U.S. secret war logs from Iraq, have been reportedly taken from the Secret Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) used to transmit classified information to the U.S. Defence and State Departments. WikiLeaks earlier received a video from SIPRNet that showed three deliberate attacks by a U.S. Army helicopter in Iraq killing two newspersons and children, besides several civilians.