Monday, April 2, 2012

RIO +20, From a Water Perspective

RIO +20, The United Nations Conference on sustainable development is the fourth Earth summit and represents another stepping stone in the progress towards global sustainable development.
Water is one of the 7 critical issues that the RIO +20 tackles. It would look at existing commitments with time bound targets for the international communities, examine proposals etc.
The Rio 2012 issues brief, Water looks at the current progress and possibility of attaining goals within the time framework, for example at the current rate it would take more than 3 decades beyond the proposed year of 2015 to achieve the sanitation target.
In the aspect of drinking water availability we look at the various challenges particularly caused by problems in the implementation. Water policy reforms is of utmost importance to ensure efficient water use, protection of water ecosystems, increasing efficiencies along the whole food supply, to improve capacity and engage shareholders.
To conclude the primary objective for planning is reconciling economic growth with the protection and improvement of water resources which are critical to sustaining economic welfare in the long run.