Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Don’t Let Your EHS Institutio​nal Knowledge Disappear Into Retirement – New White Paper!

Since the 1970s boom in environmental regulations and the subsequent increased hiring needs companies faced, EH&S personnel have effectively kept business's in compliance with regulatory standards. These professionals have accumulated a wealth of knowledge along the way and their companies are highly dependent upon it.
Corporate EH&S departments throughout the globe are now facing a common problem: an aging workforce rapidly approaching retirement. As these experienced EH&S professionals approach retirement, companies need to make succession planning a business priority and develop robust strategies to ensure the survival of their corporate EH&S memory.
Download our new white paper and explore how you can best approach this imminent issue with the following techniques:
· Identify internal personnel to fill important positions in the future
· Use EH&S software to reduce the burden of succession planning
· Learn about succession planning pitfalls to avoid

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