Thursday, November 6, 2014

#Google, #Facebook or #Twitter were not created in an organization's R&D division.

Google, Facebook or Twitter were not created in an organizations R&D division.
Companies feel innovation and creativity have a quick fix solution and like all quick fix solution they don’t last long:

Companies feel that innovation is like a tap open and close the way you like it. Get an event and a competition done and you will get some killer ideas which will make you the next Google, Facebook or Twitter. They forget that you may throw all the greatest things at a machine which is tuned to churn junk will only produce junk.

Creativity is long gone past in a regimented process oriented corporate culture and it cannot be changed overnight. Organizations often talk about Gmail, Twitter and Facebook and how they want to create similar disruptive innovations however they very same website are blocked under the organizations corporate policies.

Creativity are often the game of people who question processes and Organizations which do not sprout in an organization framework.