Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#Sustainability was slowly displaced by #Social (Media) in #SMAC

Sustainability was slowly displaced by Social (Media) in SMAC. About 6 to 7 years back sustainability was the next big thing for technology organizations. Startups like Clear Standards, HARA, C3 and many others roped in high profile and influential people to be a part of their boards.  It was a sad demise for sustainability to fall down through the hype.
The recession in 2008 and difficult global economic scenario was the last nail in the coffin. For sustainability to take off government regulations would be required to create the initial momentum. However with difficult situations government was not willing to force business organizations and people to invest in sustainability initiatives through regulations. Given a choice very few organizations would put in money into such initiatives. Even the global carbon markets crashed.
Also various initiatives got branded as sustainability and hence organizations started playing around with it for short term goals. CSR (Corporate Social responsibility), energy efficiency, investment in new technology etc. everything under the sun got branded as sustainability and people lost focus.

Everybody wants to be good but nobody wants to put in efforts to be good.

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