Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MS Word killed the Writing Star

I used to love ink pens. The art of selecting pens with smooth nibs, filling ink pens every few days, cleaning the pens on weekends used to be rituals in itself and required mastery of an art. We also used to carry blotting papers which could absorb sudden unexpected spurt of ink.
As a kid I would often struggle with my spellings. I would put in great effort to memorize words, their meanings and correct use in sentences. Even though I would dislike memorizing spellings but it was an effort everyone had to put in. Dictation used to be a regular test and often I would end up with not so pleasant scores.
Then there used to be marks for good handwriting.
The world has changed. I no longer relish the little pleasures of life. I no longer put in effort to memorize spellings. Typing has taken of handwriting.
I wish my kids enjoy and learn the art of writing which is slowly dying. I hope the iPads and laptops do not snatch away the God of small things from them.
( Note: MS Word has been used as a generic term representing word processing software).

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