Monday, April 20, 2015

#DLFBuyerExperience DLF's unethical practices pushes buyers of Westend Heights in Bangalore to the brink

Introduction & Background:

Approximately 1900 “Innocent Citizens” ranging from young professionals to senior citizens had invested their hard-earned money in the maiden township project of the real-estate major DLF Homes in Bangalore, named DLF Westend Heights, New Town. Although the project was launched as a unique township with dream amenities by DLF Southern Homes Pvt. Ltd. (“DLF Homes”), way back in 2009, ironically even after 7 years, the customers are still waiting for the realization of their dream homes and there is no sign of the promised amenities.

Disgusted by the prolonged delay in construction of the flats and consequent financial losses, coupled with the insensitive attitude of the builder after numerous failed discussions with DLF, the aggrieved customers of “DLF Westend Heights” are feeling cheated.


Agitated Customers are sitting on “Indefinite Dharna” & “Hunger Strike” for their demands.


When multiple discussions with DLF didn’t yield any result, we had sat on Dharna twice in the past three years, which were covered by the TV and print media. Wherein senior officials of DLF including a Sr. Vice President had made some commitments and shared revised schedules of completion & possession of all the blocks.

Till date none of those commitments including the revised schedule are honored by DLF. A memorandum to DLF containing the demands has already been sent, yet there is no response on that. Thus left with no other option but to fight for our rights, we – the agitated customers - are on a do-or-die mission this time. Starting from 17th April 2015, we will sit on an “Indefinite Dharna” at DLF Office, as well as Freedom Park, followed by a petition to the Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka; in protest of the ordeal & harassment meted out by the builder and consequent financial, mental, and physical hardships we are going through during the past seven years due to various fraudulent practices by DLF homes.

We are determined not to end the Dharna until all our demands (as mentioned below) are entirely accepted & met by DLF.


The main demands of the Westend Heights Buyers Association to DLF are:

1. Significant Clubhouse size with all the promised amenities:

- The Clubhouse has to be exclusively for the owners of Westend Heights.

- Size of the clubhouse has to be substantially large to fulfil the needs of 1900 families in Westend Heights campus.

- All the amenities as promised in the printed brochure, website, advertisements, etc. as part of selling the project.

- Without compromising the quality of the equipment and infrastructure.

2. Compensation for all the losses caused by the delay:

- Delay penalty at par with the average rent in the locality.

- Loss due to newly introduced & increase in existing taxes after the agreed delivery date.

- Loss due to increase in Registration & Stamp duty after the agreed delivery date.

- Loss in exemption of Income Tax on the home loan interest & principal.

- Warranty of for a period of 2 years on the entire package of the delivered product in Westend Heights project.

- Any loss arising due to poor quality of construction during the warranty period.


The agitation against DLF will continue until all the above demands are met entirely to the satisfaction of the buyers. The builder “DLF Homes” should only be held responsible for any eventualities arising out of the Dharna.

The Buyers Welfare Association of DLF Westend Heights (BWA-DWH) can be contacted for any further details.

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