Saturday, May 16, 2015

#Revolution the brilliant new movie from #RobStewart which spreads the awareness about saving nature to save humans

Rob Stewart has taken the art of movie making to another level with new release “Revolution” which carries on the message of Shark conservation of Sharkwater. The breathtaking photography of the movie captivates the entire duration. Interesting snippets of provides glimpse of the danger lurking around in the Shark world because of human activities.
Shot in multiple countries the film tries to capture the challenges in various regions. The movie talks about a revolution to stop the destruction being brought about by human activities and greed.
Life spawned in the Oceans and not many know that Oceans are the first to show mankind how human activity is destroying life on Earth. Ocean Acidification is destroying Coral ecosystem and which are the early signs of what could be the next mass extinction.
Experts have talked about how politicians across the world are turning a blind eye to the dramatic turn of events which could lead to an oceans and delicate ecosystems turning to nature’s graveyards. Human’s eternal hunger for energy and corporations greed to making more profits out of natural resources is destroying some of the world’s most beautiful places.  Produced in a shoestring budget the movie inspires all to nature lovers.

Rob’s movie has been a source of inspiration for many young people to act to Save the World. Revolution is a brilliant movie which I am sure will go on to win the hearts of many people as it win accolades the world over.


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