Friday, October 16, 2015

ANALLYZ :Self-Service Analytics

ANALLYZ is a Free, Cloud-based, Interactive, Self-service Business Analytics Software. It has been developed with a vision to provide an easy tool to Business Users, which they can leverage for Business Analytics, without relying on Statisticians or Data Scientists. It allows one to do whole gamut of Analytics work, ranging from Data Visualization, Simple Queries, Predictive Analytics, Optimization, Time-series Analysis to Text Mining. For the uninitiated, there is Self-driven Training on Statistics and Analytics techniques. For Business Users, looking for something specific, there are Tools for Supply Chain, Finance, Simulation, Operations etc. Click on the  links below to explore Self-service Tools on Predictive Analytics, Text Mining, Training and some specific Business applications like Demand Forecasting, Safety Stock Analysis, Text Analytics, Simulation, Markov Chain Analysis etc.
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