Thursday, February 18, 2016

Creating an Eco-Friendly Garden – An Infographic

Creating an Eco-Friendly Garden – An Infographic
Being environmentally friendly has become more and more important in recent years as we have steadily witnessed a change in world climate. The weather patterns globally have noticeably changed with very erratic results. All of us have a responsibility to tackle the issues with the environment, even if it is in small ways. One way where we can do this at home is in our garden no matter how big or small it is.

This infographic from Capital Garden Services will show you just how to get your garden set up the eco-friendly way. It shows how to encourage garden visitors to make it a more hospitable environment for the flora and fauna that you want to have in the garden; it shows how to get started; it explains the concept of companion planting and also looks at an interesting case study about a district in London which adopted an eco-friendly approach. Check it out below. 

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