Friday, June 24, 2016

A Story Beyond Just Agriculture!

The 3 most basic needs of any human lies in food, clothing and shelter. While clothing and shelter are more for protection, food is the only necessity that provides nutrition and sustainability to mankind. Ever wondered where the delicious food on your plate came from? What goes into growing these food grains and how did they end up on your plate? The answer to all these questions is “Agriculture”. A culture not widely followed by a lot of people, especially in India.

 Agriculture In India
The Agriculture industry in India is not as famous as the field of IT, entertainment or any other service. Being an agrarian country, with its primary sector linked to agriculture and agro-based industries, it is only restricted to the rural population. In spite of contributing close to 65% of the economy, agriculture has always been looked down upon due to its unglamorous nature.
Yet the state of agriculture in India has drastically changed over the years. As it is known, need is the mother of invention, the increasing population led to the need for larger agricultural produce which brought in modern technology in the farms and fields. Educating farmers and the implementation of these modern agro-technologies was necessary even in India. Getting the farmers to adopt these technologies and to consider the benefits it brought to production was a task in itself. This was definitely not a one night show!
This is where Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. comes into picture. With a mission to leave this world better than we’ve found, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. has magically touched the lives of many all over the world.

Changing The Face Of Agriculture
Bhavarlal Jain, the founder of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. believed in more-from-less, and this is what made Jain Irrigation System Ltd. the world’s second largest micro-irrigation company. With the philosophy “More Crop Per Drop”, Jain Irrigation has brought a revolution in Indian Agriculture.
Unlike any other Indian company, Jain Irrigation incentivizes farmers to adopt newer technology that will help increase their productivity. They are constantly trying to not only change the agricultural practises but also the mind-set of these farmers. Jain Irrigation introduced the tissue culture technique for the first time in India. It has the oldest and the biggest laboratory for Banana, Pomegranate and Strawberry in the world. They further process these fruits and convert it to pulps and pastes that are then exported to several countries across the globe.

Taking Sustainability Ahead
Over the last few years, Jain Irrigation has also spread its wings in the field of Renewable Energy by manufacturing solar panels, pumps and lighting applications that have helped make parts of the country more reliant on solar energy. They also have an in-house bio-gas plant that converts 90% of waste generated into re-usable electricity.
Being technologically ahead, Jain Irrigation has also ventured into Future farming. This new farming technique envisages production of crops hydroponically (nutrient-enriched water) or aeroponically (nutrient-enriched air), without using soil or compost. They are continuously carrying out research in this field, which will one day make agriculture independent of soil and natural sunlight.
Taking their philanthropic causes ahead, Jain Irrigation has also built a residential school called Anubhuti which strives to engender the idea of interdependence rather than the idea of independence in its learners. Jain Irrigation also houses a research centre of Gandhian studies and a museum dedicated to the works and contributions of M. K. Gandhi. Both these facilities as well as the schools extensively uses solar and bio power for lighting, cooking and heating. All the solid and liquid waste is being re–cycled for conservation and sustainability.

Here are some of the ways they use Social media as a means to showcase their vision, philosophies and collaborations in a creative yet engaging way.

Headquartered in the heart of Maharashtra- Jalgoan, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd is an integrated player in the global food system that leads in agricultural inputs – Micro Irrigation Systems, Plastic Pipes & Products, Agro Processed Products, Renewable Energy solutions, Tissue Culture Plants and Financial Services. They are the pioneers in using cutting edge research and development, while also focusing on sustainability and conservation of resources. Blending technology with tradition, Jain Irrigation with its various philanthropic causes goes beyond agriculture to help not only the agricultural community but the country as a whole.

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