Saturday, August 6, 2016

Failures & Successes in Wildlife Preservation: Conservation Stories

Failures & Successes in Wildlife Preservation: Conservation Stories
Over time, many wildlife preservation projects have been carried out. There are an increasingly large amount of ongoing threats that affect a large variety of different species. In addition to this, the growing volume of habitat destruction has led many in the conversation community sceptical about the effectiveness of wildlife preservation methods. Every day, the issues conservationists are faced with are dramatically changing. A prominent issue for conservationists is the steady increase in the world’s population. With the population set to grow to 10 billion, the strain on resources will become even more dramatic.
The people at Any Pest have created the infographic below which features some of the best and worst wildlife preservation projects. From golden lion tamarins to American bison’s, southern white rhinos to vicunas, many of these wildlife conservation stories have had a bright outlook – these stunning species continue to live in various parts of the world. Although many conservation efforts have helped save the lives of particular species, regrettably, many of these wildlife conservation efforts have failed – species like Tasmanian tigers, quaggas and passenger pigeons have sadly all become extinct. For all the information on the animal species we have saved, species that need to be helped and species that have become extinct, let’s check out this enlightening infographic now!

Which animal species do you think needs our help in order to survive? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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