Monday, December 12, 2016

Guide to Restaurant Sustainability

Restaurant dining is on the rise, offering convenience, entertainment and a place to relax. No wonder Americans reported spending more money in restaurants than on groceries in 2015, with over half saying they eat out at least once a week. Despite the positive aspects to restaurants, there is also a dark side to the industry. The restaurant industry has been one of the most wasteful when it comes to the use of resources. It’s been found that for every restaurant meal served, an estimated half pound of food is wasted. In addition, nearly 80 percent of energy used in food service is lost to inefficiencies. 

More and more restaurant owners and designers are becoming aware of these issues and taking steps to become sustainable. Learn about some of the most important concepts in responsible restaurant planning that help designers and restaurant managers achieve sustainability. 

Guide to Restaurant Sustainability
Guide to Restaurant Sustainability was created by Specifi, a global leader of design and publishing tools for the hospitality industry.

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