Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sustainable Packaging is Sensible Packaging – Infographic

Sustainable Packaging is Sensible Packaging – Infographic 
The modern consumer is environmentally conscious, so businesses who make a demonstrable commitment to sustainability are increasingly likely to have an edge over competitors who are blasé about their environmental responsibilities. Likewise, many of the world’s most recognizable brands are embracing the concept of sustainable packaging. For example, Apple has reduced the weight of packaging for the iPhone 7 by 34% from the 6S and 6S Plus.
This infographic from Bracken Foam Fabricators (http://www.foamfabricators.ie/) explores trends in packaging sustainability and outlines examples of sustainable and unsustainable packaging. There’s also some recommendations as to what manufacturers can do to make their packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. 
Businesses now realize that the decisions they make at the packaging stage can have a seismic impact on whether a consumer buys the product or opts for a greener competitor. Sustainable packing is very much the way forward.

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