Thursday, March 23, 2017

Infographic – What can we learn from the Flint Water Crisis?

Infographic – What can we learn from the Flint Water Crisis?
The Michigan city of Flint is only beginning to recover from the water crisis which has seen thousands of children fall sick from lead contamination after drinking from the Flint River’s water supply and almost $400 million worth of aid granted to the city to remedy the crisis.
What’s most shocking about the crisis, though, is the unscrupulous catalogue of actions from local, state and federal governments in response to the problem. The city switched its water supply from Detroit to the local river to save $5 million, a miniscule amount considering the potential health risks posed to its population from an unsafe water source. There was also an abundance of buck-passing from people in authority, whose unwillingness to accept responsibility and take timely action exacerbated the crisis. Indeed, some state officials even railed against citizens who took a stand and spoke out about their plight.

This infographic from The Water Filter Men ( looks at how the crisis unfolded and attempts to explain how it was let to develop to such an epidemic degree. It also highlights important lessons that other cities and states can learn from the failings of those who should have handled the Flint Water Crisis in a far more competent and responsible manner. This was a sorry tale of greed being valued over people’s health and welfare.

Please find the infographic at the following link.

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