Friday, May 26, 2017

Saving the Planet One Mile at A Time

Global warming is a major concern over two decades. Research has been on and there is lot been done to reverse the damage on planet Earth. Climate changes are still going on extreme levels.
There are lots of reasons for the Global warming with different types of emissions. And Carbon Emissions by Transport mediums are one big contributor amongst these.
Using the transport mediums is our need but we can do certain things to take care and contribute in reducing the Carbon footprints.
Through technology efforts are being made for zero emission cars & trucks but maintenance is the key. No matter if the car is old or new, maintenance is one big thing which helps to go a long way increasing your miles in the journey with lesser fuel.

Here is an infographic illustrating few points & tips to cut down on the motor emissions and make our Planet Earth breathe.  
Saving The Planet One Mile At A Time
Saving The Planet One Mile At A Time by SELECT CAR LEASING.

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