Friday, July 21, 2017

How Sustainable Cities Will Change the Roadways

Major cities around the world are home to the majority of the population. As more and more people move into these highly congested areas, the strain on the area’s resources, infrastructure, and environment are becoming a much bigger issue. Technological advances are allowing these major cities to adapt to these growing populations by investing in products like air scrubbers that clean as much air as an entire forest, or hydrogen powered city buses. With a global push to have self-driving cars on the roads within the next 5 years, city traffic may be a thing of the past. Major tech and auto companies, ranging from Google, Tesla, and Apple, to Chevrolet, Mercedes, and Volvo, are all racing to perfect the performance, features, and safety of self-driving cars. The sustainable city of the future will benefit from self-driving vehicles in many ways. Traffic patterns will allow vehicles to all remain in motion, relying on programming to avoid other vehicles on the roads. Interactions with law enforcement may still occur while traveling in a self-driving vehicle, but much less frequently, due in part to the vehicle’s programming to maintain speed limits and obstacle avoidance. Idling, waiting at lights, and sitting in traffic will no longer be an issue, significantly reducing emissions and smog.
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As self-driving vehicles change the roadways around the world, one question that lawmakers are still determining is, who is responsible for an accident? Will manufacturers need to hire a car accident attorney for every major city, or will the driver be on the hook? As these automakers continue to develop their versions of the self-driving vehicle, it’s important to note that the self-driving vehicle industry isn’t solely focused on consumer transportation. Companies such as Amazon, FedEx, and Uber are actively exploring ways to utilize self-driving vehicles to optimize their delivery abilities. An autonomous delivery fleet would significantly increase delivery times and free up technicians to perform other duties, such as customer service. The self-driving industry is only a few short years away. What are you most excited for as a dawn of new automobiles arrives?

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